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A.R.M. Resources Inc. accommodates your company’s personnel requirements through various business solutions, suited to your every need.



Temporary Staffing
Deployment of qualified people for various functions on a contractual basis. This move is to augment the temporary increase in staffing requirements as well as to support the workforce for personnel on leave of absence. The contract is limited to a certain period of time, and is renewable depending on the conditions of employment.
Project-Based Staffing
Assignment of people on project-based engagements, which may last for a long period of time depending on the duration of the project.
Full Outsourcing
This involves not only people outsourcing, but also includes the entire business process as well. The current trend among most companies is to rid themselves of doing processes that are outside their core business. This allows organizations to focus more on their core competencies.
One-Time Placement
Direct placement recruitment for rank and file level or for big volume recruitment needs of the client. This is ideal for organizations setting up or beefing up operations, and would not want to take on the tedious recruitment process.
Executive Search
Direct placement recruitment for top-level and middle management positions. We assure our clients that only the most qualified and seasoned professionals are hired for the job.

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