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Comprehensive Employee Orientation Program
We can assure that all our employees render the service upon the first day of work. We conduct work orientation to brief them regarding their specific job functions.
Effective Payroll System
Our employee payroll precedes all other priorities. Computerized payroll processing ensures timely and correct computation of salaries of all our employees. Each staff member receives his salary via the A.T.M. (Automated Teller Machine).
Fair and Just Payment of Wages
We ensure fair, just, and timely payment of employee wages (nothing less than the prescribed minimum wage), including benefits covering Overtime Pay, 13th Month Pay, Holiday Pay and Service Incentive Leave Pay.
Transparent Remittance Reports
We religiously comply with our statutory obligation pertaining to SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig (H.D.M.F.)
Customer Satisfaction Focus and Employee Discipline
  • Regular Feedback and Client Support Mechanisms
  • Staff Back-Checking
  • Performance Evaluation System
  • Supplementary Employee Discipline Procedure for Erring Employees
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